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Debugging PHP’s mail() function without spamming the world

If you’ve worked with any large sites you’ve probably had to send out email at one point or another.  In a properly configured development environment, your emails will never reach their destination.  If you need to see the output of the emails you might redirect to a throw-away or your private account.  This is a dangerous game as any time there is an active, email-sending connection, you risk accidental emails escaping.  Here’s an easy way to log all email to a file without any risk of accidentally sending any.

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Good bye eSchool Consultants; Hello Curverider!

As of July 29th I began working for Curverider as a Core Engineer (awesome title, huh!).  Curverider is the UK-based trading company behind Elgg, an open source social networking application running awesome sites like Budokin, Brighton University’s Community, Eduspaces, and Fusefly.

My prior experience working with eSchool Consultants on Fusefly was very fufilling, but working with Curverider is an excellent opportunity for me, and I’m very excited to work with such talented people!